Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My birthday

I had really high hopes for today!  When Dave woke me up and told me "HB", I told him I thought you were supposed to do just what you wanted to do on your birthday.  He told me I had to go bowling and had to get out of bed...grrrrr!  Anyway, I decided to make the best of the day.  I had high game and high series at bowling (among the women).  I had a 166 game and a 408 series.  Good start to my day.  Maybe I'll win at bingo too!

Lunch was at PJ's.  Not my favorite place, but I had veggie alfredo and it was very good.  After we got home, the guy from the cabinet place came and told us he wrote down the wrong number and the correct name for the countertop laminate.  Unfortunately the guy who made the countertop just went by the number.  The good news - they'll be replacing our countertop!! 

Bingo - not so good.  I didn't win, but Dave bought a cake and delivered it during the break.  It was delicious and everyone enjoyed it.

More later...

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