Monday, March 6, 2017


I started my day off at 6:15...I don't know why I got up so early.  I had a board meeting at 8:30, but I certainly don't need 2 hours to get ready! 

While I was gone, the plumber came and got us all hooked up.  So now we have a working kitchen again!  Yay!  The only thing wrong is still the countertop.  I really, really don't like it.  It's got way too much "yellow" tones in the browns.  I know it's not what I thought I was getting.  Dave went to Traditions Cabinets today and got a sample of what the countertop was supposed to be.  It's the same #, but it's certainly a different color.  So he called Dave at Traditions and asked him to come look at it.  It'd sure be nice if they'd replace it.  Oh dear!

I found out today that one of the coaches who came to the reunion last fall passed away yesterday.  He had a sudden heart attack on the golf course and died.  RIP Tuck!  He will be missed.  He made a positive impact on so many guys, not just at ISU, but also at Ohio State and Wooster.  He was one of the good guys!

More later...

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