Thursday, March 2, 2017


Jami flew into Tampa last night, so we went over there to pick her up.  On the way back, I missed my turn and ended up taking the wrong way home...grrr!  But at least we got here!  We then stayed up quite late visiting.

This morning, we all got up early because our contractors were going to be here at 8:30...NOT!  They showed up at 9:15, did 10 minutes of work to fix our problem and left.  Jami and Linda down the street went to the license bureau to get Linda's car registered in Jami's name.  Once that was over, we all went to Whiskey Joe's for lunch.  What a beautiful day it was to sit out on the water!

Jami went home about 1:30 so Dave helped Gary and Bob and then we  opted out of trivia.

More later...

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