Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dave's birthday

Dave did his thing with the lawn crew at church today...from about 6:30 until 10:30.  Then we got ready for the rest of his special day.  After we did a little shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, we headed out to John's Pass to meet Sudi & Howard for lunch.  We sat outside near the water and we got entertained!  There was a manatee and numerous dolphins, and LOTS of boats!  Plus then entertainment at Gators was really good...but a bit loud! 

We came home and took short naps, then picked up Don & Pat to go to Maundy Thursday services at church.  It was a very beautiful, solemn service with communion.  They had a 45 member choir and a 17 member orchestra, plus 2 pastors.  True meaning of the Holy Season.

More later...

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