Sunday, May 28, 2017

We're back!

We had a fun 5 nights and 4 days in Ottumwa and Fairfield.  We got to Ottumwa in time to eat supper with Bob, Ann, Gary, and the Recovery Room for tenderloins!  Thursday Dave went to a funeral in the morning, came and picked me up so we could have a Canteen for lunch and then we met Bob & Ann to go decorate graves in Batavia and Libertyville.  Batavia was beautifully mowed, but no one mowed Fell.  Except one of my cousins mowed around all of the Allison graves so that was nice.  It still hadn't been mowed on Friday at 4:00!  We then went to Fairfield for supper and a FHS Varsity softball game where Allison was the DH for both games!  The Trojans won both games!Friday saw us going to Craig & Sue's for 2.5 hours and also getting our fix at Graham's. Then we headed to Fairfield to see if we could find FHS hats or sweatshirts...couldn't find a thing.  At least we both have plenty of orange and black!  Friday night was a JV doubleheader and they lost both games, but Allison hit the ball really well.  Saturday we were back in O-town for a doubleheader.  Allison played very well, but they only won the 2nd game.  It was fun, though, because this time there were 3 cousins on the field...Cam Cooksey as an umpire, Allison, and McKenna Allison.

After the games, we took off for Cantril to do some shopping.  It was PACKED to the gills with people!  We didn't eat lunch, instead we waited until we returned to Ottumwa and had another Canteen and an ice cream cone at Graham's.  Can't beat those 2 places!

Today we went to FPC (our old church) and enjoyed visiting with old friends and worshiping with them!  We even went out to lunch with the "Bunch for Lunch" group.  Then we packed up and headed home!!

We are both tired, but it was a fun them.

More later...

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