Saturday, July 1, 2017


I did something today that I've not done for years.  I slept the clock around!!  I haven't been sleeping very well, so last night Dave convinced me to take a couple of Advil PMs.  They didn't seem to be I read until 11:45.  The next thing I know Dave is waking me up at 9:50.  I told him I was going to sleep a bit he woke me at 11:45.  Again I told him I wanted to sleep a bit longer, but I was too far awake at that point.  So I got up with a good 12 hours of sleep!  I wasn't tired all day like I have been.  I wonder if I'll sleep tonight.

Dave left for Bryan's as soon as I got up.  They took two little foster boys last night, so he really needed help today.  I sat out on the balcony, then came in to watch the Cubs lose...again.  Grrr....

More later...

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