Saturday, October 3, 2015


I have on jeans!  Can you believe's only October 3rd and I'm wearing jeans!!  I wore my Cyclone football shirt today and my Cyclones won!!  Cubs also won, so it was a good day for my teams.

Bob & Ann and Linda came by this morning and then we (without Dave) went to the Happy Barn for lunch.  Interesting place.  Good lunch in an old dairy barn with tons of "stuff" made in Iowa by Iowans.  I bought Dave a coffee scoop - one that he can't lose hopefully and I bought me a Cyclone key ribbon thingy.

Tonight we took Erin, Aidan, and Bryan out to Jack & Arnie's (a steakhouse where you cook your own meat) in Janesville.  Today is Bryan's birthday - he's 38!  Aidan ate a bunch - he's so cute!

More later...

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