Monday, December 28, 2015


I got lots done today, even if I didn't hardly move from my chair!  I finished the newsletter and the calendar for January and got them sent to the Office.  I also got caught up on all of the recipes I have on hand.  I went through the Christmas card list and updated addresses.  By the time I got up (at 9:30), Dave had taken down all of the Christmas lights.  So we got all of Christmas put away for the year!  I also got all of my bowling records updated and I got the receipts turned in for the Christmas dinner.  I also swept all of the floors and resized pictures that I sent to Jami and to Tammy for the directory.  Whew!!

Tonight I went up to play cards, but there was 1 person too many so I drew the high card and went home.

More later...

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