Sunday, December 27, 2015


At church this morning, I learned some things that I'd never thought of before.  I love that we get challenged in our thinking.  When you read the story of Jesus' birth, you are led to believe that the wise men followed the star and found a baby, when in reality it says they found the child.  It would have taken then about 2 years to get to where Jesus was.  Joseph & Mary went to Egypt after Jesus was born...he would have written in the Egyptian language.  We also learned about our spiritual journey being in 4 steps...with the bottom one being unconscious incompetency. The next step up is conscious incompetency.  Most all of us are in those 2 steps.  Very good sermon.

After church we met Sudi & Howard at JD's for breakfast/brunch.  Good food and great company.  There's nothing like good friends!  This afternoon I worked on the January newsletter.  I'm pretty much done - I just need to get some input from Sandy before wrapping it up.

More later...

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