Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sat & Sunday

We've had a fun weekend.  Since it was pretty cold yesterday, we did a bunch of inside activities.  We did go outside to ride bikes, but since we about froze, we read, tried to put together a puzzle (we failed), and then last night after the kids' favorite meals we taught them how to play Farkle!  Kelly was unconscious!  She won big time.  Today we went to church, then went to the Legion for lunch out on the water.  It was remarkably nice there today!  We even got to see dolphins!  This afternoon, we took naps, read, ate, and then this evening after s'mores we played Farkle again.  That Kelly is undefeated.  She's getting a little cocky!

Now we're watching Elf!  What a funny movie!  Two of the kids have crashed, but the rest of us are going strong!

More later...

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