Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I guess I missed a couple of days of blogging!  I didn't realize it at all.  Monday we rode bikes and also sorted all of the Christmas cards for the park residents and delivered them.

We also played dominoes - Danny won!  Jami dreamed on Sunday night about beef and noodles, so that's what we had for supper that night.  After supper we went to the park so the kids could play on the playground equipment.  When they finished, we walked around the park looking at the Christmas lights.

Tuesday morning after breakfast we went to Sarasota to see Roberta.  We ate lunch up at her pool while Jami had a conference call in her car!  Then we went back to Roberta's and helped her make peanut clusters and clean our her shed.  After that Jami and the kids went back to Ft Lauderdale and we came back home.  I went to bingo where I won $10...I spend $9.50 so I actually only won 50 cents!  But I'm still ahead for the year!

Tomorrow we  pick up all of the food stuff for Christmas day, then we'll deliver it to the people who are going to cook the various dishes.  We also do the set up of the hall and then tomorrow night we're going to the clubhouse for a Christmas Eve party hosted by Rich and Sandy.  I'm making a meatloaf for that and Dave picked up a couple of gifts for the gift exchange.

More later...

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