Monday, January 18, 2016

Chilly Monday

It was a bit brisk here today.  It was okay on the south side of our the sun, but if you were in the shade, it was chilly!  Nothing compared to Waterloo, though.  Right now it's 52 here and -1 there...hmmm, where would I rather be?

Dave and Bob worked more around our house today.  They got pretty much done laying down the pavers and even got another hibiscus planted.  Now we've got to get some rock to use as mulch and then it'll be done.  I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

This evening, while I was eating some roast beef, I accidentally chewed one time on my temporary bridge.  It came out...grrr.  So I popped it back in, but tomorrow I'm going to go to the dentist to get it cemented back.  I've got until the 26th until I get my permanent one.

Right now I'm watching my Cyclones play their hearts out.  It's tied with 42 seconds left.  Come on guys!

More later...

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