Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday's happenings

Last night about midnight, the wind started up and in came the rain!  It was so loud I even heard it over my earplugs!  Since the kids were in Sarasota with Roberta, they had to get up when the tornado sirens went off.  Lots of Roberta's neighbors went off site to a safe place, but Roberta didn't remember what they were supposed to do, so they just waited it out.  Jami was going to do some research and find out where the park's safe place is.

We went to church this morning and were wow'd by Pastor Jack's sermon.  He talked about our souls and how your soul is a hole to be filled up with God's love.  It was a great sermon!

This afternoon, even though it was a little chilly outside, Bob, Dave and I worked on our new flower garden.  While Dave planted the new flowers, Bob and I set out the concrete edgings for our design.  Bob scored the dirt and I dug out the trenches for the edgers.  We got them all set and now we've got one more hibiscus to purchase and then we'll put rock in on top of the black landscape paper.  It was really fun working with Dave and Bob!

Now I'm ready to watch Downton Abbey and then it'll be time for bed!

More later...

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