Thursday, January 7, 2016


Sure was a gray day here.  Glad the sun came out later and warmed things up a bit.  Dave and I went out looking for me a long-sleeved shirt.  I only have 2 - one is my Galena shirt that I've worn so much it's pretty much falling apart and the other is my Cyclone shirt and I don't want to wear it all the time or it'll be threadbare too.  We went to Ross, but nothing there.  Maybe I can go to Beall's tomorrow while the guy is here washing our mobile.

Dave cut out and dug out the 3 Hawthorn bushes out in front of our home.  They were ugly and had aphids, plus we want some color out there.  Shopping for plants is another day's project!  While we were out today, we went to Moe's for lunch.  I love those burritos!  I even rode my bike around the block today.  My knee felt pretty good...we'll see how the bike ride affected it tomorrow.

More later...

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