Thursday, February 11, 2016

Beautiful day!

We had another beautiful day today.  This morning after Dave got home from trimming at church, we went to the doctor's office for my knee.  He sent in a referral for an MRI.  Now we just have to wait for them to call me with a time.  The doctor's office was full of people coughing and generally looking like they were miserable - I'm sure they had the flu.  I asked the receptionist if we could wait outside because of everyone coughing and she moved me to the front of the line!  That was nice!

This afternoon we went to Moccasin Lake Park for a "hike".  We saw a huge alligator, some screech owls that were adorable, a couple of injured eagles, etc.  Then we stopped at another park and saw another alligator and a couple of Muscovy ducks.  It was a good day for wildlife and a great day to be out!

Tonight about 15 people gathered at the clubhouse to learn a line dance to "Do You Feel Me" - fun time!

More later...

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