Saturday, February 13, 2016


Yesterday was pretty boring.  The guy who was measuring our windows came at the very end of the time window (12-2:00)...actually he got here at 2:07!  I took Clarabelle for two different sweeps of the Ranch.  We were doing recon just to see what was going on in the park.  We cleaned house and Dave washed the driveway.  Cards - I'm still a loser, but it was a close game at least!

Today we had breakfast at the clubhouse, then we went to Apollo Beach to see the manatees.  There were HUNDREDS of manatees today.  They were just hanging out sunning themselves.  Unfortunately there were also HUNDREDS of sightseers, too.  I really thought I was going to run someone down with Clarabelle!

After that, we drove to Fort Desoto where we about froze...we went out one of the piers and froze because the wind was blowing so hard.  Thank goodness we put jackets on before we went out there.  It was beautiful, though.  The water was churned up pretty good, though, so the pictures I got show the water being brown.  In the more protected areas, it was a beautiful blue!

We went to Trader Joe's when we left the was really crowded, too.  It was the first anniversary of their opening, so they were serving free hot dogs and chips.  Our late lunch was free.  Can't beat that!

Now we're watching the Cyclone men vs Texas.

More later...

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