Friday, March 25, 2016

Soggy Friday

We wanted to be able to go to the beach today - I guess the kids hadn't been to the beach on this side of the state.  Yesterday wasn't a good day and neither was today.  It rained about 3/4 of an inch about the time we were ready to go.I finally gave up and took a nap - I love to sleep with the rain on the roof!  While I was asleep, the family went to Sand Key and the kids did get to enjoy the beach.  They found some sea "stuff" like a basket starfish carcass and a lightning whelk shell casing, along with some sponges, etc.

Something else exciting today, Aidan got a big-boy haircut!

He looks so cute!

My Cyclones struggled tonight, darn it.  This was not a good night to have a bad game.  Virginia was just too good.

More later...

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