Monday, October 10, 2016

Back home...

We're back home for a little while!  It is good to be back and on the internet.  We were in O-town and the park has internet, but the park was full so there were too many people trying to get the weak signal.  We chose instead to just use our phone data and just check email, etc.  We got about 10 tv stations so we watched the debate last night.

Thanksgiving at Bob's was fun.  We Skyped with Kaylee and Clayton and were entertained by Blaise. He has a bad cold with a fever, so he was a little more subdued.  He's quite the kid.  At one time,  he ran over to Papa Bob and his foot was under Bob's guessed it.  Bob leaned forward and Blaise screamed.  I told Bob I thought his foot was under the chair, so Bob leaned back.  Blaise went to his mommy and she hugged him and said, "You're all right."  Blaise replied, "No I'm not!"  Pretty quick reply for a 2 1/2 year old.

More later...

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