Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cubs win!!!

You snooze you lose.  That's not always true.  I gave up  last night in the 8th inning of the Cubs game.  I thought with it 2-5 with us behind, there was no way the Cubs could win.  But they proved the old adage wrong.  I snoozed, but they didn't lose!!  Earlier in the evening, we went to Kyle's.  He's letting us store the camper for the winter in his big barn.  So we took pizza out and ate with them.  That was fun.  Blaise is feeling better and he really likes pizza.  Both of us got to play with his farm animals and I even got to read two books to him.

Today I got most of my clothes ready to go.  I also made ham balls for lunch and this afternoon, I went thru all of our CDs so we could take some with us.  We love southern gospel, so we have a bunch of those to listen to while we drive.  Then tonight, we went to the Cattle Congress to hear a wonderful speaker:

Great speaker...the  only problem is we stood the whole time - 3 hours total!  He was worth the pain, though.  Unfortunately we had several protesters who were escorted out and then got back in somehow.  He handled it very well.

More later...

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