Thursday, October 27, 2016


I got so excited that the Cubs won, I forgot to blog.  Dave had a dental appointment to get prep done for a crown.  When he got back, we took a bike ride.  Then we got settled in to watch the ballgame.  Loved watching the Cubs when Arrieta was pitching well.  It's a thing of beauty.

Today, Dave had an appointment at his urologist's office.  I cleaned up the master bath and vacuumed.  We went to Largo Nature Park for the first time this season.  We didn't see the alligator, but there were cormorants, a little blue heron, several moorhens including some juveniles, a pair of yellow crowned night herons, and a pair of limpkins. 

Came home for lunch and then we both took naps this afternoon and a bike ride before supper.  Love Thursdays - Thursdays are off days at the Ranch. 

More later...

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