Sunday, November 20, 2016


Great day.  It was a little cooler than normal, so we both took our jackets to church.  It was hot inside the church!  Must have been Jack's sermon...what a good one! 

After church we went to Sanding Ovations at the beach.  We were glad we had our jackets, but really in the sun it was quite nice!  The sand sculptures were beautiful.  I chose to get some close-ups since I had the big lens.  I have seen things on the pictures that I didn't see in person.  For instance, I didn't know why this was called "Ripple Effect" until I saw...

 this picture with the child putting his finger in the water and causing the ripple effect!
 This one was called "My Changing Woman".  I saw the serpent, and the cat hind quarters, along with the angel wings, but I didn't see the animal on her head until...

 I saw this picture.  Very imaginative!
This afternoon and tonight I worked on the December newsletter and calendar.  I've got them about 98% done!  I should be able to send it to the office tomorrow while our home is being washed!

More later...

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