Saturday, December 17, 2016


What a busy day we had today!  We had our annual Christmas breakfast buffet this morning and it was wonderful.  The quiche was awesome!  Plus they had pancakes, eggs, sausage, potatoes, Danishes, pumpkin bread, and fresh fruit cups.  Great start to the day!

Then it was time to shuffle.  We only had 14 people today - not enough for all 4 courts.  It turned out to be a tie - Bluebirds won 9 and Redbirds won 9.  I only played once, but I won my game.  I played Gilles - it was fun to beat him because he's good!

This afternoon while Dave was doing touch-ups, I took a bike ride and then I sorted the hundreds of Christmas cards that were in the box for the residents.  Now it'll be easy to sort in the rest of the cards that we get.  We'll deliver them on the 23rd!

We're now at 80 people for Christmas dinner...I planned for 60.  I guess I'd better get some more food ordered.

More later...

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