Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

This Valentines Day I got flowers!  Dave gets up way early to do his stretching.  While he's doing that he takes pictures of the various flowers around our place.  So this morning he sent me pix of flowers from next door!  Best kind of flowers!  They will never wilt!

We bowled this morning.  There were14 of us.  No one had any really high scores.  I think 170 was the highest.  It was fun though.  For lunch we went to Acropol.  When we got home, Dave started taking doors off the existing cabinets because our new cabinets will be installed starting Weds of next week.  Yuk!  I hate messes!  I'll be glad when they're here and everything is put back together.

Tonight was our Valentines party at the clubhouse.  We didn't have many people attend this year.  Several people signed up but didn't come.  Too bad!

More later...

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