Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday & Saturday

Whew!  What a whirlwind!  The last two days have been busy, busy, busy!  Yesterday I went with the family to Sawgrass where we walked and walked around the boardwalk.  We saw small alligators, one big one, a pileated woodpecker, and 4 nests - 3 anhinga nests and 1 cormorant nest.  All had mommas sitting on eggs.  Should be fun to get pictures of babies this year because 3 of the nests are in plain sight.  The 4th nest is hidden in the trees.

After lunch I went to the clubhouse to help get ready for the pool party.  We entertained 70+ people with burgers and hot dogs at that.  Then clean up afterwards and 7s from Hell after that!

Today started a bit slower, but this afternoon we had massages.  Then at 5:00 we had our annual potato bake.  Another 70+ people were at that!  Delicious food!!  I was exhausted from my massage but Ann wanted to play dominoes so I taught them how to play the game Maury and Roberta played.  I just got home!

More later...

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