Thursday, March 23, 2017


I'm so excited!  My niece and her family are coming for a week.  Their plane should land in about 5 minutes at St Pete/Clearwater.  Bob & Ann just left to pick them up.  I feel like I haven't seen them forever!  I hope we get to enjoy them while they're here. 

Today was a typical Thursday.  Dave went to work at church and I slept in!!  Then tonight we went to play trivia at Fat Cat's.  We didn't do so well tonight.  The trivia tonight had things like vexiollogy, dreys, and ludology, as well as organs of the body.  We were really bad on the 3rd round.  The final question was, what philosopher, mathematician said "I think, therefore I am."  We came up with 4 different answers, but none of them was the right answer...needless to say, we sucked tonight!!  It was still fun, though.

More later...

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