Saturday, March 18, 2017


Yesterday was Saturday to me, all day!  I thought we were going to church this morning and shuffling this afternoon!  Dave told me that it was only Friday and I adjusted.  Yesterday I worked on taxes all day.  I still need two K-1s and then I have everything.  Both companies were supposed to send me copies by email yesterday afternoon...I didn't get either one...grrrr.  I guess I'll call again on Monday. 

Last night we had a wedding in the rec hall.  I went to the reception.  Dave was helping Della pack for her move to Sarasota/Bradenton. 

Today Dave went with Gilles and Della to her new condo to unpack the truck.  I, however, had to shuffle in our shuffleboard tournament.  We started the singles portion of the double elimination tourney at 10:00.  I played three matches of three games each...that's nine games in six hours.  My hip is on ice right now!  I lost my first match to Gary, but beat Ann and beat Pat.  Now tomorrow I play Coreen and she'd pretty good too, so I'll probably end up playing 3 games again.  A match is best 2 out of 3 games.  I'd like to advance, but we'll see.

Tonight my Cyclones play Purdue, but not until 9:40 our time so I'll be up late again. 

More later...

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