Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Whew it's hot!

It was a hot, sticky one here today.  I'm pretty sure the feels like temperature was at least 90.  It didn't stop us, though.  We just powered through!

We went up to the clubhouse to help move out some "stuff" first thing.  After we got that all cleaned up, we went shopping at Bealls and ran some errands.  I wonder when Bealls is going to get their shorts/summer clothes in!  Seems to me that it's time.  I'm also wondering why Dept 222 clothes are so see-through.  I love some of their clothes, but I'm not going to wear a camisole or something to that effect under the shirts just to keep them from being so see-through.  Therefore, I didn't buy any of their brand.  Too bad for them.

This afternoon was even more purging at the clubhouse.  We threw out "stuff" that had expiration dates of 2012!!  Why would people keep that stuff so long?

Bingo tonight was rather chaotic.  I won $14, but I'm having trouble with everyone talking constantly and the caller yelling into the microphone!  I have to come home to unwind before it's bedtime!  Grrr..........

More later...

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