Friday, May 19, 2017


Holy Cow, it's cold here!  It got all the way up to 45 today!  It's actually 49 tonight.  It was gray and rainy with that cold.  I wore jeans and a coat today!  Dave and I both had doctor's appointments today.  I had an xray of my foot.  I don't have a broken bone - just arthritis.  I do, however, have a bone spur on my heel.  Then my blood work was good too!  Dave didn't have any blood work or anything, just a follow up!

For lunch we went to LJ's.  I had a BLT and Dave had a Black n'Bleu burger.  Declicious...and the best French fries ever!  Then  we picked up meds and groceries and finally got home.  Silly Dave went back out to get a haircut and to pick up a new ice maker for the fridge.  The new water valve didn't fix the leaking so now he'll install a new one.

More later...

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