Thursday, May 18, 2017


Paul Bunyan (aka Dave) was at work this morning, cutting down the tree branch that was lodged on our balcony.  I liked it there; it was like a privacy hedge.  Unfortunately it had to go.  He and our maintenance man got busy cleaning up.  Dave has a chain saw instead of an axe, though!  We were really lucky as the tree this branch came off of is about 40+ feet high.  If the whole tree had toppled, it would have surely wiped out our balcony as well as those around us. 

I cleaned out some more drawers today.  I'm going to try to do some stamping tomorrow to see if my tremors are too bad.  I hope not because I've got lots of $$ invested in this hobby! 

My new computer arrived today.  Desktop towers are so much smaller than they used to be!   I'm excited to get that hooked up and those cords controlled again!

More later...

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