Monday, May 8, 2017

Productive Day

I got a lot done today, and so did Dave.  He did his shopping, including a new water valve for the ice maker.  He then got the ice maker repaired and we've got ice!!  Yay!  The ice maker was broken all last year, so this will be nice.  He got his last mess of mushrooms tonight, too!

As for me, I filed all the paperwork left over from Florida.  I filed the duplicate check copies and cleaned up the desk.  Then I vacuumed 2 rooms and moved furniture in the living room.  When Dave came back, he helped me, but I'd already moved both chairs and a table all by myself!

We didn't get to eat outside today.  It was very windy.  We went out at noon, but it was sprinkling so we came back in.  We probably only got 20 sprinkles all together but it was enough that we didn't want to eat outside. 

More later...

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