Sunday, May 7, 2017

Super Sunday

It was gorgeous here today.  At 6:30 tonight it was still 72 outside!  We went to church this morning where we were treated to a wonderful sermon about God's acceptance of everyone!  Also when we entered the church, there were quilts everywhere.  The quilts were blessed today, before they are given away to those who need their comfort. 

After church we went to Morg's Diner for breakfast/lunch.  Wonderful place to eat.  Someday I'm going to go there for lunch instead of just breakfast!  Even the owner remembered us and told us we usually sit at the counter.  We were lucky today.  No waiting line and we got a booth! 

This afternoon, I read and then took a nap while Dave worked on putting new lights on his truck.  He had it torn apart yesterday and got it finished today.  Then he was in a panic because he couldn't find his insurance card which came while we were in Florida.  So I found it for him and put out that fire. 

This evening we ate our supper, such as it was, outside because it was so nice!  I fried a batch of mushrooms for Dave and I had a plate of tortilla chips and cheese.  Now we're watching the Cubs get swept by the Yankees.  The Yankees are really good this year, so far anyway!

More later...

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