Friday, June 2, 2017

More purging!

Dave decided to clean out our storage area down in the basement, so he brought stuff up here for me to help him.  Among the stuff he brought up were about 35 trays of Aunt Helen's slides along with her old slide projector.  He also brought my slide projector and 1 carousel of slides.  My carousel was a slide presentation for the Lupus Foundation made many years ago.  Aunt Helen's slides were all mixed up and dated back to 1958 or so.  I went thru every slide by hand...the projector wouldn't work.  I threw out all of them except about 75 slides of us way back when.  I'm going to find someone to put them on a CD for me to save.  My projector works fine, so we put all of the saved slides into my carousel and looked at them.  What a riot!  I sure don't remember Aunt Helen being at our house for so many big events in my life!  Anyway, that project is done and out of here!  Yay!

Consequently, I didn't get much appliqueing done today.  Maybe I'll get more done tomorrow.

More later...

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