Friday, February 24, 2017


Today was a good day and a not-so-good day.  First the good:  Our contractor came this morning and installed our new microwave.  Once he got done with that, Dave and I went to find a light for over the sink.  Dave installed that!  So now we can cook and we can see to wash dishes...but there's no sink so no dishes!  Dave has set up a little camp sink area in the bathtub and that's how the dishes are being done.  I got busy vacuuming out the upper cabinets and putting down shelf liner.  Then when I got done with that, I started filling the upper cabinets.  I can't do the bottom cabinets yet, because we're waiting for the countertop guy to come.  Grrr...

Now for the not-so-good:  Bryan and Erin lost the baby they were carrying.  The doctor said she'd lost it before they came south on their trip.  Please keep them in your prayers.  They were so excited.

More later...

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