Thursday, February 23, 2017


So today the contractors came back and finished their job.  Unfortunately the guy who was to make the countertop is on vacation.  Now we wait again!  We decided to just put the old one back on there just so we have a counter.  The first picture is the back wall (complete with our new LED light!)  The second picture is where the sink goes.  They are so pretty!

They were gone by 11:00 so Dave and I went to Peter's for lunch and then to Sears Outlet to look at appliances.  We were able to get a refrigerator, a range, and a microwave in stainless steel...and they'll be delivered Monday.  Actually we've already got the microwave and it's going to be installed tomorrow.  One of the contractors who put in the cabinets is coming tomorrow to do that...yay!

We were both beat when we got home from trivia tonight. 

More later...

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