Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We got some  big storms today.  We've got a big tree outside our patio and a big branch came out of it, it the lady next door's windows, and ended up giving us a privacy shade!  Unfortunately, it'll have to get cut up and taken out tomorrow.  Marilyn (next door) has some shutter damage and one of her screens is torn.  We lost our flag pole, but it got returned to us this evening.  It poured with the wind!  I usually sit here by the patio doors, but I decided I didn't like the way the wind was blowing, so I got up and moved away from the windows just as the tree came flying on our balcony!  Whew!

I cleaned out some drawers today - threw away some makeup, etc.  I feel good about my productivity.  Plus, Dave took the ugly sconces off the walls in the dining room - yay!

More later...

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